Carols by Candlelight

Just as we begin to move away from the Christmas season, we’d like to share with you an effort made by the Sisters of Mercy in Handsworth, Birmingham, to bring the various communities together to honour the birth of Jesus.

Carols by candlelight, 18th December 2019
The weeks leading up to Christmas are always a time of anticipation, excitement and reflection. They are also a time for some traditions that for many people are a particularly meaningful part of Christmastime. On the evening of Wednesday 18th December 2019 the community at St Mary’s Convent welcomed around 60 local (and some not so local) people to a very successful carols by candlelight service.

The Christmas Story was told through readings and hymns – all of which were sung with much enthusiasm, either by soloists or the congregation. As far as we know, this is the first such service that has taken place at St Mary’s so it was a special and significant event.
Special thanks to the Holy Spirit Sisters and the Jesuit Community in Birmingham for their involvement.