Guinness Book of Records

Valery Larkin from Ennis, Co Clare, got the idea in 2018 of breaking the Guinness Book of Records by making the largest ever blanket from knitted squares. Sr Gregory, Mercy Sister in Ennis, enlisted the help of other Mercy Sisters. Elizabeth and Assumpta in Bermondsey became members of the Mercy Knitting Group and contributed a few hundred squares. In total 1,000 people from thirty-two countries (32) took on the project. When sewn up the finished article covered a basketball court four times. In January 2019 the blanket was inspected, approved and verified that it had broken the previous record and the certificate was duly presented to Valery and many others Thereafter the blanket was made into smaller ones and given to the Red Cross and as we read this possibly children in Syria are being kept warm because a woman in Ennis fulfilled a dream.

WHAT NEXT? The current knitters are making squares for blankets for the Bumbelance, which is the Children’s National Ambulance for Ireland. Every child using the Bumbleance is given the blanket to take home. One little boy from the West of Ireland wrote a touching note to say how much he loves his blanket. Elizabeth and Assumpta are still part of the Knitting Group so if you knit a square or two Bermondsey is waiting.

Sr Assumpta and Sr Elizabeth responded to an appeal to knit squares to be made up into blankets for children in need. Their efforts added to the wonderful record now recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. Well done Sisters!