News from Willowbrook Hospice

At Willowbrook Hospice in Prescot, Merseyside the staff are finding new ways to support both their residents and the families concerned.  They began a new venture called Connections on Monday 20th April. This involved a group of ten of the staff working as a team.  They have been asked to offer support to families from our communities, wherever their loved ones may be, such as the Hospice, Whiston Hospital and Manchester’s newly opened Nightingale Hospital.

They will have a system of support by telephone. It is being well organised and has a formal process with forms to be completed. The referrals will go to the Triage Team and then passed on to one of the team according to their needs.

Now during May the Chaplaincy Team at Willowbrook Hospice have begun a prayer ministry. This is simply responding to requests for prayers for special intentions, but by email. Those who have been in touch are delighted to use this means.