Youth Mercies letter

A message from St Joseph’s North Shields YMAs

Dear Youth Mercies

These are certainly strange times for all of us. Like most of you we have been away from school and not able to meet. We never thought that as we were working on our art rainbow challenge at the beginning of the year that nearly everyone would be drawing them in the months to come. Although sometimes we have been sad, disappointed and frightened we have also enjoyed the homework set for us, had some great fun and made some happy memories.

During this time away a new logo and webpage has been designed for us.

We are hoping that you will contribute to it, maybe prayers, stories, poems or drawings of your time away from school or what it’s like to be a YMA. You can submit these by email to                    

Whether you are back to school or still at home your teachers are doing an amazing job making sure you are safe and preparing activities for you, please remember to thank them and continue to pray for everyone who is caring, serving and protecting us. Pray especially hard to Our Lady of Mercy and Venerable Catherine McAuley. You can use this prayer from the Mercy Family if you wish.

Keeping you in our prayers

St Joseph’s YMAs

We pray for our world –

for all of us,

each one now affected in some way by COVID-19:

but especially for those persons who are ill,

those who have lost loved ones

and those whose personal and work lives have been severely disrupted by this virus.
We give thanks

for the tender care of the sick by doctors, nurses and health care workers,

for the generous and willing service of volunteers

and for the imagination and dedication of researchers seeking a cure.
We are grateful for those who share wise advice with us;

those whose work creates healthy environments for us;

those who put our needs before theirs,

our safety before theirs,

our well-being before theirs.
May we each be supportive of one another,

considerate of one another and generous to one another in this difficult and uncertain time.


Our Lady of Mercy and Health of the Sick –                  Pray for us

Venerable Catherine McAuley  –                                     Pray for us

North Shields Youth Mercy Associates are sending out a letter to all young people asking for contributions from other young people to their area on the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy website.