To make sense of anything in my finite life I need to hold it as part of my relationship with God.

How did Jesus experience and live what I am experiencing and living this year?


STAY AT HOME:  He lived thirty years in Nazareth with his family ” increasing in wisdom and age” while he helped Joseph shape and carve the wood. We are created to be “God’s work of art”. What has been shaped in my experience of lockdown?


COMPANY: Jesus was in the company of Mary and Joseph. No words of Joseph have ever been recorded. Silence enables reflection.

“Mary pondered all these things in her heart. “Silence is more than the absence of noise – Silence needs to be creative.


UNCERTAINTY:  The pandemic brought a deep understanding of the meaning and impact of uncertainty.

This is a reminder of Catherine McAuley’s abandonment to Divine Providence.


AT HOME:  Has home become a better place?


AT HOME: There is even greater need to serve the Common Good through outreach. So new skills have to be learned.


MORNING:  Thank you, Lord for the gift of a new day. Help me not to waste it, but to use it to the best of my ability.


NOON:  Like Jesus, tired by the journey, I need to rest by Jacob’s well.


EVENING:  There is a sameness about the days – no coming, no going, no variety.

“It is evening. Stay with us, Lord, on the journey”.


NIGHT AT HOME:  As I ask God to shower his mercy on his world and on all in need,

I can reach the ends of the earth on the wings of prayer.


Sr Catherine Quane


Another example of how our Sisters are reflecting on the effect of Covid19 in their lives.