A Prayer for Candlemas

A Prayer for Candlemas


It is an interesting fact that, whereas castle arrow slits were very narrow on the exterior of the wall but widened out on the inside to let light in, it was the other way round in the Temple in Jerusalem. Narrow apertures set high in the in the wall of the sanctuary antechamber were wider on the outside than on the inside, so that light from the seven-branched lampstand would radiate outwards to illumine the dark world beyond. Light, the symbol of God’s presence, brought comfort and hope. As we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation, we rejoice in the Light of Christ and his presence in us. We are called to be, not castles, but temples of the living God.

Lord Jesus,

light a candle of love

in that inmost sanctuary

where I shelter you

from the world’s

uncomprehending gaze.

Let it melt whatever fear

leaves me close-guarded.

May it glow so intensely

that others cannot help

but be drawn to see

what shines there.