2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The United Nations held their 25th Conference in Madrid, Spain from 2nd to 13th December 2019 and much of their discussions focussed on the Climate Change crisis that our world is undergoing.
In Madrid there were two zones – blue and green. The blue zone concentrated on work involving both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. Other work included hosting events and activities run by NGOs. The green zone looked at civil society initiatives that aimed at creating more social participation. This area then had three sub-themes – youth events, indigenous peoples and science and innovation. The green zone was to be open to many people from different spectrums including business, academia and sponsors. One voice that was raised was that of Greta Thunberg. Greta has been championing the defence of our climate since August 2018 when she began to spend days outside her native Swedish Parliament, calling for stronger action on global warming. She has inspired many other young people to take part in similar protests in their own countries. Greta addressed the United Nations Climate Conference both in 2018 and again this year, urging all people to act now to reduce our carbon footprints and look seriously at our own lifestyles.

The discussions that went on at COP25 were prolonged and difficult and negotiations between countries were only concluded on 15 December – two days after the deadline.
Facts that emerged during the conference include:

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting 7 times faster than in 1990s;

Oxygen in the oceans is decreasing;

A quarter of the world’s population are at risk of water supply problems as global heating increases.