Heal us, Lord

When he recorded his album Healing Song in 2009, Liam Lawton, the Catholic priest and singer-songwriter, wrote, ‘Jesus the divine physician will walk among us again if only we are humble enough to allow his shadow to fall upon us.’ One of the tracks of that album was the song Heal Us, Lord. In this time of Covid-19 when thousands are sick, and many more depressed or anxious due to unemployment or isolation, its words resonate as never before. May they be our prayer, too…

In our calling,
Stumbling and falling,
Your truth dawning;
In our yearning,
Searching, discerning,
Wisdom, learning:
Heal us, Lord.

In our grieving,
Fragile believing,
Hope receiving;
In our rising,
Living and dying,
Love abiding:
Heal us, Lord.

In division,
Hate and derision,
Blinded vision;
In hearts broken,
Harsh words spoken,
Empty tokens:
Heal us, Lord.

May your word renew us,
May your touch restore us.
Heal us, Lord.