copy Vocations

We are all called, through our baptism, to become disciples of Christ.
That is to enter into a deeper relationship with him – to be loved and to love.
We are each called to participate actively in God’s plan, God’s mission on earth.
God calls us to love others using the gifts we have received.

Always let Him lead you and
He will clear the road for
you to follow.

Proverbs 3:6

Where is God leading you?​
Are you willing to​ follow Him?​

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The word “vocation” comes from the Latin word “call” and each of us follows a call from God. Whatever path we choose in life we can be witnesses to the love of God in the way we live out that call. We could be called to live the

  • Single life
  • Married life
  • Religious Life (Sister/Nun, Brother/Monk)
  • Ordained Life ( Deacon/Priest)

Living out our baptismal call to the fullest we can, on the path God leads us, is answering that call to holiness. As Pope Francis said

“We are all called to become saints!… Holiness is something that God gifts us… It is by living with love and offering Christian witness in our daily tasks that we are called to become saints. “