Our Plastic World

Sadly, we are now familiar with pictures like this and familiarity can reduce the impact. I cannot count the number of single use plastic bottles in this picture. The plastic bag may have helped someone carry home the shopping. Now it could easily kill the turtle who has it in his mouth. Remember the impact of David Attenborough’s documentary? Have we become blasé about such photos and the danger they show us?

I was given a book for Christmas called “Turning the Tide on Plastic How humanity (and you) can make our Globe clean again.” by Lucy Siegle. It is written in an engaging style while being very challenging on many levels. For many years the author has been exploring how we can reduce the plastic we use and how we can influence the big corporations to reduce their use also. Here she brings together her passion for our Earth and the fruit of her experience and knowledge, plus her many contacts, to encourage us to develop our understanding of the danger and take action.

Why in this country, where tap water is safe to drink, do so many of us use single use plastic bottles of water (which may have come from a tap originally)? One simple thing we can do is stop using single use plastics where ever and whenever we can. Lucy Siegle’s book offers us many ideas for doing this. We have seen the impact in the supermarkets of placing a charge on single use plastics bags. Most of us take our own bags now. Plastic straws are being replaced by ones which are biodegradable – the question being how long will it take to degrade and where will this degradation happen? This and many other thought provoking questions flow from the book, along with some creative and simple to do answers along with encouragement to do all we can, day by day. You may find Lucy’s experience supportive in your quest to reduce plastic in your life.

Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?

Thank you to the giver of the book.

Turtle Journey: the crisis in our ocean

In less than 2 minutes, this heartbreaking video tells the story of a turtle family trying to get home in an ocean that desperately needs protection 💔 Turn the sound on to hear special guests Dame Helen Mirren and Olivia Colman. Share and sign to help protect the oceans >> act.gp/2TkjEdx#TurtleJourney #ProtectTheOceans

Posted by Greenpeace UK on Monday, 13 January 2020

Click www.facebook.com/greenpeaceuk/videos/608974886585577 to see a powerful, short video of what else is happening to turtles in our seas. I invite you to watch to the end – it is more than a sweet little story!