Code of Conduct

Within the Institute it is necessary to set out the acceptable standards which are in the interests of both the Institute and employees.

The Code of Conduct is designed to help promote fairness and encourage improvement to meet the required standards in the workplace.

The procedure ensures that:

  • All employees are fully aware of the standards of performance, action and behaviour required of them.
  • Disciplinary action, where necessary, is taken speedily and in a fair, uniform and consistent manner.
  • An employee will only be the subject of disciplinary action after careful investigation of the facts and the opportunity to present his/her side of the case.

The Code of Conduct covers the following areas:

  • Behaviour at work
  • Care of Institute property
  • Use of vehicles for Institute business
  • Health and Safety
  • Residents’ or Sisters’ Care (in our Care Homes and our Convents with Care)
  • Our two Primary Schools and our Voluntary Aided Secondary Schools
  • Timekeeping and Absence
  • Working Standards


Further information is available to all employees at their site of work.  An Employees Handbook is available at each site and is regularly updated, with all staff being made aware of the updates.