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As Autumn takes a hold of our countryside it is more than time to reflect on all that is good in our world.  We have recently watched the Earthshot Prize, an idea from Prince William, about the rebuilding of our natural world.  The five prize winners were all worthy recipients of their awards in the following categories:

protect and restore nature;

clean our air;

revive our oceans;

build a waste-free world and

fix our climate.

The overriding message in all the presentations is that we can all have HOPE.  Hope can give us the courage and the ingenuity to face these problems and find innovative ways to solve them.  Let us all do our own small part to keep this wonderful world as beautiful and as life-giving as we can.

Sr Colette Cronin, Institute Leader

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St Mary’s Primary School with their school song!

Subject: Our School Music Video Final https://jwp.io/s/UMphuFqp    

Time for a Change

Recently (July 2021) we have received an email from The Better Way enterprise, which makes for some interesting reading about how we can help each other…

Global Divestment Announcement

Global Divestment Announcement   For many years now we have been made aware of the negative impact on the climate caused by the burning of fossil…

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The first Chapter of our original rule written in Catherine’s own handwriting states the original purpose for our existence as Sisters of Mercy.

The Sisters admitted to this Religious Congregation besides attending to their own perfection which is the principal end of all Religious Institutes should also have in view what is the peculiar characteristic of this

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