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We are very happy to launch our new website for the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy. On 12th December 1831 Catherine McAuley and her two companions made their vows as the first Sisters of Mercy and the Congregation was launched. 188 years later we are able to reach out to people through the use of modern technology and social media.

It seems appropriate that we are launching our website in the ‘Year of the Word’ initiated by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. This is a year when we are encouraged to listen to the God who speaks. May we all hear our God who uses so many ways to speak to us.

Sr Colette Cronin, Institute Leader

Who we are

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What we do

The first Chapter of our original rule written in Catherine’s own handwriting states the original purpose for our existence as Sisters of Mercy.

The Sisters admitted to this Religious Congregation besides attending to their own perfection which is the principal end of all Religious Institutes should also have in view what is the peculiar characteristic of this

What we do

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Sisters of Mercy respond to the various needs in our world today. Several of our Sisters are Prison Chaplains or Hospital Chaplains, others visit the sick and the needy in their own homes.