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At the end of the recent Synod, Pope Francis, reminded us “To put God first and adore him, love Him and serve others.”  He also spoke of the Church being called to “Dream”.  “A Church that is the servant of all, the servant of the least of our brothers and sisters, a Church that welcomes, serves, loves, forgives. A Church with open doors that is a haven of Mercy”.

Let us reflect on these words and ask ourselves:

Am I serving God and others with an open heart and in a loving way?

Do I welcome others into my life?

Is there someone I need to forgive and seek peace with, in my life?

Let us be conscious and pray for those who are facing war, injustices, displacement, migration, poverty and difficult circumstances in their lives.

May the Christ child be your light, peace, hope and joy at Christmas.

Who we are

What we do

The first Chapter of our original rule written in Catherine’s own handwriting states the original purpose for our existence as Sisters of Mercy.

The Sisters admitted to this Religious Congregation besides attending to their own perfection which is the principal end of all Religious Institutes should also have in view what is the peculiar characteristic of this

What we do

Walking Nuns, Walk for Children

15th Dec 2023

Over Christmas a child will phone the NSPCC’s Childline every 45 seconds. For children suffering abuse, every night feels like the longest, so the NSPCC invites people to walk 5k on the longest night of the year to raise money for their Childline service.

Today 17 of our sisters from around London gathered to walk together and raise funds for the NSPCC. Between them they have raised over £1500 and walked 80 km.

They then gathered for lunch with other sisters. A great day was had by all.

Thank you to our Walking Nun’s for raising money and awareness for a great cause.

From their foundation Sisters of Mercy would be seen walking the streets to visit the sick and those in need and so were given the name ‘Walking Nuns’.