The Trinity


Christopher Columbus discovered Trinidad in 1498 on his third voyage to the New World. On approaching the island, the ship’s lookout reported seeing three hills, still known as the Trinity Hills. This seemed amazing to Columbus because, before setting out, he had already made a vow to name the next land he discovered after the Most Holy Trinity.  So it was that the island, whose original name was Land of the Hummingbird, came to be re-named Trinity, which in Spanish is Trinidad.


Life is full of coincidence… pattern… resonance. Unrelated circumstances somehow become linked together in ways that seem inexplicable other than that all creation must surely be held together by an unseen hand. The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is not a puzzle to be solved but a truth beyond comprehension. We need only to know that God is Love… that he asks us to recognise our relatedness to one another… and that he draws us into communion with himself and all that is.